Club System



Nature club looks after the environment of the school and is dedicated to spread awareness about the various issues related to the environment among young Birlaites. Many activities are conducted throughout the session to help them realize the present day need to save environment and promote the idea of ‘afforestation’. Planting saplings, nature walks, collection of different types of plants, leaves, insects and building nests for the sparrows, to name a few. The Club team members also have meticulously labeled all the plants and trees in the school campus this year.


"Honest disagreement is often a good sign of progress." -Mahatma Gandhi.
The process of debate offers profound and lasting benefits for individuals, for societies and for the global community as a whole. With its emphasis on critical thinking, effective communication, independent research and teamwork, debate teaches skills that serve individuals well in school. With this objective, the Debate and Declamation club works in the school for the students of classes IX-XII.


Photography club of BRBPS provides a platform where talent meets creativity and gives rise to productivity. The aim of the Photography Club is to teach pupils how to be photographers, instead how to take pictures. They are engaged in various activities that challenge their imaginative capabilities; assist in sharpening their photographic skills, and present an opportunity for students to learn from each other. The events ranged from theme-based photo competitions to outdoor photography.


The club provides students with pleasure, enjoyment and deepened awareness of themselves and their place in their environment, community and culture. The students have learned the techniques of Oil Colour Painting, Acrylic Colour Painting, Fabric Painting, Portrait Painting, Texture Painting, Wall Mural Designing, Pen and Ink, Pattern Designing, Glass and Foil Painting, Poster and Logo Designing. The aspirations for the coming year are to master the different techniques, prepare the students for making the decorative art work and paintings for exhibition and make art pieces out of waste products.


In the club, students create an original paper mache that expresses an art. The objective is to promote recycling industry. In this club,the students learn to make the best use of waste products. They make decorative pieces for house interior and paper mache work for exhibitions. Our aspiration is to make our students expert in recycling the paper and paper mache work.


'Dance is not about finding yourself but it's all about creating yourself'.
BRBPS gives students an opportunity to pursue dance as a hobby. Every day student from classes IV to X attend dance classes. Students feel relaxed and refreshed after the dance classes. It also helps them improve their mental strength. Dance is a good entertainment enjoyed by all the students. The objective is to teach basics of different dance forms. It develops their confidence to perform in a large audience. We teach various forms of Dance like Indian Classical Dance, Western Dance. We hope our students will touch the heights and make us proud with their wonderful performances.


A large number of students took up Vocal Music as hobby in this session. They took part in School Choir too. They learn alankars, paltaa and taan sargam. They showed keen interest in classical songs and prepared bhajans as well. They also learnt Raag Yaman along with the description of Chota khayal. They have gained knowledge in various musical notes and the confidence to perform in front of audience. Now they know how to maintain melody and rhythm while singing. The primary objective is to make students aware of the importance of music which has been fulfilled. In the coming session, the students will be prepared for formal and social platforms.


Playing a musical instrument is a perfect way to relax and cheer up our mood. Many students have taken up Instrumental Music as their hobby. The students have taken up different instruments like piano, guitar, drums, violin and sitar. The students have grown a sense of attachment with their instruments. They have devoted their time and concentration in learning the art of playing music instruments. We hope to improve the skills of the students.