Summer School Activities


Summer Schools:

Study is not only one aspect of a child’s development. Every parent wants to give to their children a world of treasure. Life is something more than this for them and they need a proper way to divert their energy into something fun loving learning”

To channelize the creative young minds and harness their potential in the most challenging way we  organize summer camps every year in the month of May-June.

We have an efficient team of experts taking care of  Sports  Karate, Skating, Swimming, Western Dance, Music, Art & Craft and the Box of Science.

The major highlight of the summer camp is the Box of Science activity and Maths Mania. It’s a movement to promote and provide activity based learning to children. This methodology is seen as very important in cognitive development among children. It promotes team building among children and give wings to their curiosity.

The essence of our program lies in providing activity-based education to improve knowledge, creativity and to impart habit of learning by doing.