A student who withdraws from the school due to any reason whatsoever will be required to pay the full fees as per following rules (fees means all types of fees including the tuition fee).

a) Full fee for the month during which application for withdrawal is made by the 10th of the month.
b) In case a request for withdrawal is made after 10th of a particular month, full fee for next month would also be payable.

 The annual charges, however, will be paid in full in both the above cases.

 Transfer certificate is not issued until all the dues of the school are cleared, including fees and other payments, fines etc.

 If the withdrawal takes place for any of the under mentioned reasons/charges, payment of fee in lieu of notice does not arise:

a) Act(s) of indiscipline;
b) Irregular attendance / short attendance.
c) Unsatisfactory progress in work/studies.
d) Any other reason(s) which is/are raised due to violation of any rules of the school and law of the nation.

The school shall have the authority to order/request withdrawal in above cases.